UHD [4K] Samsung Galaxy video test and examples

I have never trusted those promotional videos or pictures made by manufacturers, which “demonstrate” quality of camera on some device. Samsung made a similar UHD / 4K video for the S6 in Greece where everything looks really nice but it was made in perfect light and conditions or with some stabilizers which will reduce shaking to the minimum.

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Benq RL2455HM review, unboxing and installation

Benq RL2455HM is one of the cheaper gaming monitors featuring TN panel with 1 ms reaction time. This video will show in details what do you get when you buy this monitor and how to setup it up and as well it will demonstrate viewing angles, configuration options and video of Metro and GTA5 benchmarks running on this monitor.

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New smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold Platinum

After my “faithful” Nexus 4 has died after 3 years of use i was in search for a new smartphone. My personal rule was not to give more than 250 EUR for a phone but since i didn’t like any of the devices in that price range which were available at the moment, i grabbed action which was available in that moment and bought Samsung Galaxy S6. in gold color 😀

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